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Fire Damage

“Fire damage restoration has been one of Vertical 1 Services specialties  for a long time now. We work to clean and repair every trace of damage the fire has caused."

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Fire Damage

Fires are unfortunately one of the most impactful catastrophes that could befall a family or business. At Vertical 1, we are no strangers when it comes to accidents, fire related or other. Our focus is to get things put back together for you by cleaning and restoring all your personal belongings after sustaining fire damage.

Understanding the immediate action it takes in order to limit the amount of damage caused by a fire is imperative to the structure of your home. Quickly after this traumatic event occurs, it’s time to get to work. It might not be common knowledge, but fire damage can actually grow worse if left untouched. 

You’ll want to have a fire damage restoration professional to get to the job as soon as possible. Consider how drenched in water your home is after the firefighters get done putting out the flames. Excessive standing water can lead to additional damage from the moisture. 

The health effects of water damage caused by a fire are more severe than most realize. Soot residue and smoke odor is hazardous to your health and can be difficult or impossible to remove without the right equipment and professional help. Mold growth also starts taking place merely hours after water is left on a surface. That is why swift action is incredibly crucial. We make a generous effort to get to your property as quickly as possible so the impact of the damage is exceedingly minimal. 


Inhaling the spores from mold can be detrimental to the health of individuals especially if they happen to be allergic to it. Some molds will cause no reaction in certain people, but those with the allergy will feel the effects. Black mold will affect anyone’s health if exposed. This is a common type of mold found in many U.S. homes. Vertical 1 also specializes in mold remediation and removal.

Our Process

  • Our team will evaluate the damage that has been caused and make note of the areas and items that need to undergo restoration. 

  • We’ll then secure the location so that there is no further loss by theft or any other possible fire-related accidents.

  • All contents in the house are packed. The undamaged commodities are separated from the severely damaged ones needing treatment.

  • Special equipment and machinery are brought in to remove the odor of smoke and debris particles in the air. 

  • Our hands-on technicians completely clean the surface of any fire damaged objects and remove harmed structures.

  • Finally, our fire repairing and restoring team works with your insurance company and rebuilds the damaged area from the ground up if need be.

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Restoring the aftermath of a fire

One of the most damaging after-effects of fire is the soot and smoke that gets left behind. Let Vertical 1 restore your property by cleaning and repairing the fire damage, removing the stench of the smoke and the nuisance of soot. We pride ourselves on restoring safety and normalcy after such a disaster.

The fire damage restoration process is a challenging one. Making sure everything is cleaned and properly sanitized is an intimidating process when you go at it alone. 
If you face the devastation of a fire at your residence or commercial property, allow Vertical 1 Services to provide our years of experience to restore everything back to the way it was before.

Main causes of 
fires in the home

The biggest cause of house fires in the United States comes from cooking-related accidents. In Texas, littered cigarette butts and faulty wiring in electrical systems are two of the main causes of accidental fires in the state of Texas. Fires are unpredictable, unexpected and will catch anyone off guard. In some cases, it’s impossible to prevent a fire, but measures can be taken in order to lessen the chances of it happening.  

How to put out a grease fire

No one plans to start a grease fire while frying chicken or making bacon. It just happens. A common mistake that can make matters absurdly worse is to pour water on the flames. Grease fires grow and spread whenever water or any other liquid is added. The water causes the hot grease to splash and set flames to whatever is in its path.


What you need to do when a grease fire occurs is to deprive the fire of oxygen. Fire extinguishers are used to cover the fire in a substance that puts out flames. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher available to you, protect yourself first by putting on oven mitts, and then cover the pot or pan with a metal lid if possible and turn the heat off. 


If the fire has grown and neither of these are a possibility, leave the house (make sure to grab any pets) and call 911. You’ll likely need a fire damage restoration specialist to come in and clean up for you. Vertical 1 Services can help.

Fire Prevention

While there are times when the inevitable happens, preventing fires is possible with a few simple steps. There are things you should never do like leaving anything on the stove unattended or leaving lit candles near curtains.You should also always keep a fire extinguisher somewhere in the kitchen. Another thing you should do is to regularly check your smoke detector to make sure the batteries are still working. If your home catches fire at night, you might not realize until it’s too late. A smoke detector helps you avoid this situation. 

Restoration for Fire Damage in Amarillo

Vertical 1 Services is a water and fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and construction company serving Amarillo and surrounding areas of the Texas Panhandle. We are experts in putting the pieces back together after a devastating fire. Our promise to you is to give incredible service and provide superior workmanship on any project given to us.

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