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Construction: Commercial & Residential 

“Our trained professionals address every hurdle you might encounter in planning your desired construction projects. With over 60+ years in residential 

and commercial construction, we make sure that you get

your project just the way you want it. "

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Structural remodelling and construction without professional help and knowledge can be taxing and potentially dangerous. Whether you’re looking to add a room to your residence, design a commercial set up for tenant space, or whatever may be the case, Vertical 1 Services is at your disposal.

Our team has a vision and an experienced staff of building designers and construction workers who want to hear your ideas for the new structure. Our professionals offer insight and advice that can help you properly design or redesign your house. Our services cover site development, planning, zoning, county, or city regulations. We stick to all the licenses and regulations while engaging with our specialty, such as civil engineering. 

Our trained professionals can address every hurdle you might encounter in planning your dream house. With over 60 years in house construction and remodelling, we are going to ensure that everything is done just the way you want.  We also have been offering insurance claims for more than two decades. 

Vertical 1 Services is locally owned and locally operated. We have over 60 years of in-house experience, over 20 years of experience with insurance claims, and we are ready to offer you our expertise! We love Texas, we love our clients, and we love our work. 


During our first visit, our designers and contractors come to your house and inspect the area. Once we have a brief idea of everything needed, we build a small plan around your vision. Our engineer and designer sit together and consult you for your opinion and possible changes on the plan. Once we get a green light from your side, we begin our construction process. With the best professionals in the business, we ensure that your desired remodel is ready in no time, no hassles and will reflect your dream home.


Why Vertical1

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